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Written by Eleanor:

I acquired my first boxer in 1954 while still very young but my love for the breed began when I first learned to say “dog “. My first dog to show, came along in 1960. We had a great first weekend out and he loved the ring and all the attention. I showed him one more weekend and then, although in his heart, he was every bit the show dog, I realized, he really was not show quality.

Shortly after my marriage, I had the opportunity, to acquire a Bangaway grand daughter. I was very excited about this great pedigree but shortly after, I realized that I had to start again…this was not the right bitch to start a breeding program with. After a great deal of research…talking to handlers, judges and anyone that would talk to me, I contacted Jean Grant, of the world renowned, Blossomlea Kennels. My dream came true, when Jean Grant allowed me to have, as my foundation bitch, Bobby Pin Of Blossomlea. While Bobby did not excel as a show dog, she became a Canadian Champion and she went beyond my wildest dreams, in the whelping box, as a producer. She was the dam of many Canadian and American Champions and also multi Best in Show and Best In Specialty winners.

Along with having the dogs, we had started a family. Our son Todd …my web master…would sometimes accompany us to shows.  My husband Harold was not terribly interested in the breeding or showing but he liked the dogs and eventually, he joined our all breed club and officiated at the shows…in many capacities. After a number of years, he discontinued his activities with the kennel club but still enjoyed the dogs and supported me over the years, by taking care of the dogs at home.

In 1965 our first litter was born and also our daughter, Terri-Lee, at the exact same day and exact time. My mother became the mid wife for the litter.

Over the years, Terri-Lee has continued to travel to the shows with me. Todd also continues at the shows with his wife, Professional Handler, Allison Foley.  Harold continues to take care of the dogs and sometimes whelps litters while Terri-Lee and I show.

Sydney & Tucker and Jr Judge, Todd

We have had so many memorable moments during the years of our involvement with the dogs. To name a few... A visit from Larry Downey, to arrange the purchase of two male puppies from Bobby by Salgray’s Ambush. These two became Salgray’s Double talk and Salgray’s Double Play. Double Talk, in his first dog show, the A.B.C., took Best Of Breed and his brother, also his first show, took reserve winners male. The judge was no other than Phoebe Harris, Bangaway fame. Harold and I were in New York for this show. Then we visited with Larry and Alice Downey, at their home in Libertyville, IL.  To be able to listen, to the stories of dogs I had only read about was a time I will never forget.

Never to be forgotten is the valued friendship that I shared with Dan and Phyllis Hamilburg. We enjoyed many visits to their home and vacations days spent talking dogs.

Eleanor, Dan & Phillis Hamilburg

I shall always be grateful to Jean Grant, for allowing me to purchase our wonderful producer” Bobby Pin”. To the Hamilburgs for their friendship and especially to Phyllis for teaching me, that anyone can fault a dog but it takes a keen eye and wise breeder, to access the entire dog.

A special thank you, to all the great friends that I have made, from around the world… for believing in our dogs and for their dedication and the best of all, their lasting friendship.

Last but not least, the great family support…Harold, Terri-Lee and my son, Todd.



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Word from the web page designer:

Nobody can imagine what it took to get all of this material of photos, pedigrees and any other pertinent information together to develop this web site. I volunteered to do the site two years ago but Mom said that she needed time to sort out the material. I had no idea of the amount of Boxer information my Mother has from her many years of Breeding. Growing up with my Mother as my Mother, I never really considered how good her dogs really were but from working on this for the past few weeks, I have come to realize that she is more than a Dog Breeder, she is a World Class Dog Breeder and not just because I think it, she has the proof which is within this site.  I am very proud of what my Mom has accomplished. I guess this dog thing is in the Foley blood.  We are "dog people" and proud of it.

Some friendly advice to any future Elharlen dog owners. Please, please, please, take some time when you make up names for your Elharlen dogs. There are way too many of the following names: Rico-4 or 5, Dino-2, Cashmere/Kashmere-2or3, Sierra-2, Savannah-2, Shine-2, Phoenix-2, Vista-2or3, Porsche-2, Cisco-2, Daquiri-2, and Brat-2.  It was really hard figuring out who was who. Still not sure if I got it right. Try some names like Lassie, Laddie, Butch, Duke, Fluffy, Puffy, Foo Foo, King, or even Queenie. Those are good old dog names.

Hope you all enjoy the site!!!



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